Bilton Bashed

There is someone very special in my life who will keep popping up in posts for the next few weeks.  It is best I introduce you to her.

My trainer Lisa Bilton, from Vision Personal Training in Stanmore is the cutest little community member I know. More than anything, she keeps me accountable for looking after myself through all of this.   In the lead up to MG season I am trying to get to the gym every day. It keeps my mind active and my body tired enough to sleep through the night.

There is nothing better than seeing that grin of satisfaction on her face when I am laying on the floor of her gym, wanting to vomit after a boxing session. Except maybe, getting that high five from her.

For all the motivation I need to keep going she says those fatal two words “SPENCER TUNICK”.

If you are looking for a truly special trainer, check out the Bilton:

Love ya, Lis!


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