The Mardi Gras office Twitters…..

Hi there,

Just back from a meeting with one of our principle stakeholders which went really well. I never tire of talking about the Gras – what it does and why it means so much to many people. It makes all the hard work worth it to see some positive outcomes.

I’ve discoverd the team at the Mardi Gras office now regularly update their Twitter feed:

There are lots of saucy titbits in there for those of you who are interested. Some of the highlights for me over the past few days include:

Get George Michael to play Mardi Gras Party!

This is a great facebook petition hoping to secure a gay icon for the party on the 6th.

Kerryn Phelps at the Zoo Dinner!
All to support gay marriage!

I’m hoping to fill a table at this event, so if you are keen to join me for dinner, get in touch.

Have a listen to the amazing Dusty Kid

Link to the Mardi Gras Twitter and keep in the know! (Sometimes these guys don’t even tell me the things that end up here)

Now? I’m off to another meeting tonight… It never ends but it is the season for it 🙂

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