Equal Rights and Animals

This morning I  had a post from a friend of mine, Leah,  asking me to write more about equal rights and law reform. I must confess that it is not really my area of expertise. I know that organisations like the Lobby and ACON do a wonderful job at lobbying and working towards a world of equality… but I also know we have a long way to go.

Most recently I have been interviewing for a new career role. It is still surprising the number of recruiters and potential employees who do not want to talk about my Mardi Gras experience. I know better than anyone that homophobia is still alive and well, living in our suburbs and country towns. This is why Mardi Gras remains relevant to all our communities.

I’ve often found myself questioning whether I believe in gay marriage. Not because I don’t believe in the union of two people who love one another. I simply wonder if the term “marriage” is really want I want. To me, it holds such stereotypical heterosexual values. Also, I feel the whole concept of marriage is no longer respected. The divorce rate is higher than 50%! So really, what is this “till death do you part” thing?

That aside, what I really find myself supporting in this debate is the notion that every person should be free to choose for themselves what they want. There should be no restrictions placed on anyone if that is what they choose to do.

I support same sex marriage in that regard. I support an individuals right to choose for themselves what is right for them. Who am I to say what is good for the goose isn’t right for the gander?

Over at the Gras, we are holding our Mardi Gras Dinner at Toronga Zoo. All proceeds go to the campaigning group Australian Marriage Equality. I am still putting together my table for the event, so if you are keen to join me and other board directors for a night of great food, gay animals and positive support to a great cause then email, call or message me for details.

Till later…


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