Season Spotlight 2010 – Ode to Volunteers


Today the senior management of the Mardi Gras came together to share what was in store for Season 2010. This team consists of our board, staff and the co-chairs of all our working groups. It  contains about 40 people in all. It was great to get everyone together, to put names to faces and to hear what is going on across the organisation and the events.

And what I heard from these groups made my hair stand up at the back of my neck. Lots of little tit bits that I didn’t know about but made realise that this season is shaping up to be amazing.

I started my welcome with an acknowledgement of the work of our volunteers. The simple fact is, none of this could happen without the shared passion and vision of the people who donate their time to this cause. Our organisation is one of mateship, of the “fair go” community spirit, Sitting in a room with these core volunteers only motivates me to keep working hard at taking Mardi Gras to the next level.

We heard about the Parade and the lead floats that the creative teams are working on. We discussed the parade route and placement of the broadcast. (which is on Arena this year and not pay-per-view). The BGF stand will be bigger and better than last year and also there is also the resurgance of the Mardi Gras Marching Group. We are still looking for Parade Volunteers so get online now and register at

It’s the best position to see the parade from, plus you get a groovy 2010 t-shirt and other benefits for volunteering. Most of all it is heaps of fun on the night.

Parties are going to knock your socks off! There are some big big big changes in production values this year, with Katrina Marton returning to her baby fresh from Sydney’s New Year Eve celebrations. Whilst i cant say too much just yet, there are things happening that either haven’t been seen before, or haven’t been seen in a long time.


Of course we heard more about the Festival and in particular the amazing publicity that Spencer Tunick is already creating for the season. I was quietly disturbed to find it is a 4.30am start at the Opera House! But I figure I can just go straight there from the Harbour Party festivities. It may even calm the nerves a bit. (Note to super-trainer BILTON: bash me harder please).

To top everything off, Fair Day is back and big! Lots of changes there on the day and I look forward to seeing the combined Launch from 12 noon.

All in all, it was a very positive and constructive day. We all got to celebrate our hard work and see what everyone else is doing.

I love all the volunteers just as much as I love the organisation.

Without them we wouldn’t have a Mardi Gras – SIMPLE.


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