The Mardi Gras Spirit… Ethan, Andy, Lisa and Dion take a Bow…


It is wet, grey and nothing like a day in February should be. It reminds me of those mornings I have woken up on parade day to fear the worst: RAIN.

Without exception the worst wet parade day I can remember was 2004. I was to do the one thing I’ve always dremed of:  ride on the back of a Dyke on a Bike. Alas, it bucketed down all day and was far too wet. My rider pulled the pin! I guess there is always this year to do it + I can ride myself now (where is that hot girl to ride with me?).

This morning in my inbox I received a facebook message from the group that is putting together the George Michael Honour Float this year.

The post was confirming that the rehearsal was still going ahead today. One of the organisers Ethan Carter (the other is Andy) says in his note “you all rock and we are going to be the  hottest set of groovers on Oxford St February 27!” Ethan, in my opinion I reckon you might be right, considering as a teenager I had George Michael posters all over my room.

All over Sydney there are hundreds (actually 140 entries – give or take) doing exactly what you are doing. Rehearsing, sewing, painting, emailing, decorating, planning… it goes on. Thousands of people getting ready to do what we do best in Sydney, march down Oxford street and turn right. And in doing so providing what I think is the best gay pride street parade in the world.

I also have the pleasure of being great friends with Dion and Lisa two awesome individuals who are pulling together the Team Sydney float. I spent a few hours with them last weekend as they told me all about their plans (while I watched their faces light up like kids at Christmas).

And really, that’s what it is. Gay Christmas. The groups are coming together, creativity is flowing and on February 27th, everyone is going to unwrap their presents for the world.

This is the Mardi Gras spirit in action. The want to do something for yourself AND for your community.

Hats off to these three, but a bigger hats off to all the other people working day and night to make their entries in the parade happen.

Without you guys where would we be 32 parades on?


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