Laundry Mayhem… also, where are my cats?

I’m taking time out of my lunch hour to write a little something in my blog (well, I’m asking my adorable editor – note the grovel here – to post it for me from an email). You see, I started a new contract role yesterday, and it is really interfering with my Mardi Gras!

Sucks it big time really.

What it really shows me is that I L.O.V.E doing what I do with the Gras. No issue to small, no crisis to big 🙂 I’m happy to be there with the gaffa tape and chocolate to sooth those frazzled news and wardrobe disasters. Although, seriouslyI didn’t realize how much of my time is devoted to the lead-up to the events. Since I haven’t been working for a couple of months, I merrily just went about my days filling them with Mardi Gras madness.

This working thing? Blah. Its not that I dislike what I do for a salary – I actually really love it. I’ve been lucky enough to be in the advertising/digital industry now for over 15 years and I’ve seen some really great technologies come and stay, while some come and go. Where else do you get to play on facebook all day and get paid for it?

I just that don’t love it right now. Well not for the next couple of weeks, what with only 3 weeks till parade.


Like so many people, the next few weeks are going to be a stressful, pressure cooker of passion and emotion. Partners are going to want to leave you, friends will disown you until the party and your mother won’t be getting any Telstra-style calls home in a hurry. Your house will look like someone has let off a glitter bomb, your washing pile will mount and you will forget to pay your phone bil (but get reminded very quickly when they cut you off)!

My life is starting to look like someone had a happy pill throw-up on my outlook calendar. The Bilton Bashings have been given the 7am slot for the rest of my life, except for wed nights when I get to thump the crap out of someone at boxing. For which I have a list of potential volunteers, so watch your inbox. Work is only getting what they pay for (which is highly unusual), I have meetings or calls most nights, and then I have email to contend with after that (59 yesterday). And to top everything off, my cats are forgetting what I look like and expressing their dissatisfaction with my absences on my bath mat! Yes, the doors are now closed.

If you have a friend, partner, workmate, lover, parent, child or enemy working on the Gras at the moment, stop and ask if they are ok. Do they need a hand, a cry, a meal, some washing done? Because these are the people who pull out all the stops and get things done for your fantastic season ahead. Their lives are on hold for a couple of months in order to produce the largest celebration of gay and lesbian pride in the world.

Now, who wants to offer to cook me a meal or do my laundry for the next few weeks? Anyone? Anyone?

I love Mardi Gras season!


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1 Response to Laundry Mayhem… also, where are my cats?

  1. stacey says:

    Okay c’mon over for dinner one night then?

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