Why blog when you can point to other blogs?

First up, I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front. Just trying to take a couple of deep breaths and prepare for the launch of the 2010 Gras. Okay, 1, 2, 3, breathe. I think I’m ready 🙂 From here on in I will keep blogging right up until March 6, when I will see you all having fun somewhere at the Party (and of course, I will be keeping my eyes open for something naughty to blog about there as well).

Now, let me point you to a blog. A blog of the youthful kind. Where the opinions are real, clean (sometimes) and hit us smack in the middle of our target demographic. This isn’t media spin, this is Mardi Gras spirit in action. The constant evolution of our community into something that is relevant for today.  Welcome to FAME MONSTER and their MARDI GRAS FEVER SERIES.

DJ Alex Taylor even pointed  toward Fame Monster recently, telling his fans to “check out this hot local site for all your club news, celebrity goss, parties, pics and it’s super slick!”

Acknowledging this kind of new contribution is something I am very aware of at the moment. You see, yesterday I had a (somewhat) heated conversation with a 78er. This particular person reminds me of where we have come from and we can never forget nor disrespect that. But we also must continue evolving and transitioning into a new organization which will live on – and be relevant to the needs of today and tomorrow.

So this Mardi Gras, when you are under the mirror ball on Sat 6th, listening to someone HUGE,  remember to remember. Celebrate the path we have travelled down and respect that journey. At the same time, take a minute to appreciate the future. There is a lot to be done to achieve equality but compared to the struggles of 1978, our prospects are looking pretty bright. The evolutionary path we are on as a community will not be easy but ultimately worthwhile.

Make Mardi Gras what you want it to be. Support your organization by buying your Party ticket today.


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  1. Fame Monster says:

    Thanks for the awesome publiciy 🙂

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