Can’t wait to meet the Gaybies at Fair Day tomorrow

I’ve just come home from the park and need to polish my speech for the official Launch at noon tomorrow of the 2010 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

WOOOOHOOOOOOO…. I’m so excited I could burst… all the communities coming together to converge on a sunny (weather forecast 28-35) fair day… much better than last year’s rainy overcast day.

I’ve seen the lineups, I’ve seen the site, (see pics below) and with every year I see more and more of our families being created and shown off in a wonderful environment. Those gaybies make me clucky, especially when I see them adored by 2 mums and/or two dads.

Make sure you catch doggywood, special surprises there, and a fantastic showcase of our festival talent from about 12.15 on the main stage.

Oh… and I was pleased to see the dogems back this year… anyone want to drive with me?

Happy Fair Day everyone… remember your hat and sunscreen.


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