Remembering Jock

I’ve been sitting on this blog for a while now, not really knowing what to write since the end of season. Then something happened over Easter.

Jock and ShigekiWe lost a friend over that weekend. A great friend of the organisation and personally to me. Jock was part of the 2002-2003 phoenix board, which I was lucky enough to serve on with him. I didn’t know Jock when I first joined the board but we became colleagues and friends and in 2004 when he left the board I missed his sense of calm in the board room. He impressed me in so many different ways and he taught me how to have fun. I will never forget some of the things he introduced me to over our years together, nor will I forget the board outing he arranged in 2003 which left me recovering for weeks.

While I grieve the death of someone I called a friend, I have had the realization that I had nearly lost contact with him over the past few years. We spent all this intense time together working on two seasons and the planning and management in-between, yet for some reason, when it is all over with we chose to let that relationship drift away somewhat.

I understand we all get busy, we all get overwhelmed and it’s not possible to keep up with everyone. However, I genuinely liked and cared for Jock and I am left feeling that I should have done more to keep in touch.

Not long after Easter I received a friend request from someone else who was a director on one of those boards. I had seen his profile come up prior to this but was always hesitant to click the “friend” button because I wasn’t sure that he wanted to keep in touch and I hadn’t seen him for years.

With the request came a lovely note, “Hi Luv, how are you?“ Just like he used to say every time he saw me.

Of course I accepted straight away and realized that these relationships we build over time actually mean something. Working together for a common cause is a powerful glue that binds us together – and it sticks over the test of time.

We have all these ways to communicate now. Email, SMS, facebook, blogs,  so there really isn’t any excuse to not tell these people (who you may not see very much but you care about that you are thinking of them) that you do care, and that they mean something to you.

I wish  I had taken the opportunity to just check in and say ‘hi’ to Jock more often. I will miss knowing that that opportunity is there.

So, moving forward, I have devised a little Facebook project of my own. I will change my profile picture to one of me with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Someone who means something to me, some one who I would drop anything for if they needed something. I’m calling it the “Jock Project”. I know he would have liked it.

Today’s friend is Marcus, another director I served with at NMG. I don’t see him nearly often enough but I love him to bits. We shared so many times together with Mardi Gras that I could never forget him.

It’s a funny thing this life… you meet some wonderful people, make some great friends and keep moving through it day by day. There are highs and lows but through it all, no matter what, it’s the relationships you forge that make it what it is. Remember to say ‘hi’ to someone that you haven’t had contact with for a while. It will make their day and keep that connection real.

My love and thoughts are with Shigeki right now, Jocks partner, who I also adore. They have both touched my soul over the years… as many people have.


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