I’m saying something about the past year!

It’s about this time of year, that we all start reflecting on the year past and make some resolutions for the coming one.

For me, this year was different for some reason. Lots happened!

Good things, Bad things, Things I am proud of, Things I wished I had done, and things I vow to “getting around to” next year.

I started this blog about a year ago, to “document and put a human face over someone who is so involved in the MG”. Over time I found this blog to be a place of solace. Somewhere I could write my joy’s, fears, angers and successes. I remain strong in what I write and I remain committed over the next year to keep on blogging.

If I had to sum up the year just gone, I would have to say it’s been a trying year for not only me, but for my community. Like I said “lots happened!”

My year started off simply enough, with a personal trainer and a goal to get my kit off for Spencer Tunick at the opera house. I lost heaps of weight and got naked. The MG season was long – not in length but in the sheer number of events. With the parade and party on different weekends the organisation packed in as much as possible to try and encourage people to “take a holiday”. What developed was a fantastic season of high quality events that I had to “take a holiday” to get over the holiday! You can work through this blog to read all about them.

When it was announced that the organisation had made a loss on the season and we had invested some of our reserves in protecting the brand, a stormy AGM was held. The new board quickly went about the principle goals for the 2011 season of re-engaging the community and making a profit. That is something we are solidly working on right now. We are on track! We are very busy doing this, but we will get there, we will achieve our goals and we will put everything we have into doing it.

Personally this year was also full of sadness. I lost many friends this year to many causes. Just after sleaze my world collapsed around me, not unlike so many people in our community this past year.  I was feeling 20 shades of pain at the time. Highlighted by the stress of so much death and change a great sadness fell over me. But from sadness comes strength and growth, and I have to thank my community and the people I call my 2nd family for taking my hand when I reached out to them. Unlike many people in our community I asked for help and it was abundant. What could have been something very dark quickly turned into something loving and supportive. The darkness lifted, the future is bright and I jump out of bed in the mornings itching to get on with the day and making season 2011 something great! I write this now so people understand that we all go through this at times. That no-one is immune to life’s down’s, and no-one is alone. I personally will always take the time for a friend, as many showed me they were there for me. You know who you are. 🙂

Tonight as I sit her racing towards New Years, I look back on the past year and take pride in how I have developed. I have become a better friend in the past 3 months than I have in a long time, I am a better employee and employer, a more compassionate leader and I choose to live in the moment like I have never done before. I am fitter and happier than I have been for 9 months and I have a whole new chapter of life unveiling before me.

This year over at the Gras we are asking everyone to SAY SOMETHING. A campaign that I could not be more ecstatic about running. Right now, for me, I want to say thank you. Thank you to the community for continuing to support our organisation and my leadership. Thank you to my friends for being my 2nd family, and thank you to all the people who have criss-crossed my life this year for providing me with some valuable life lessons, sometimes hard and sometimes easy, but always making me a more rounded individual. All life teachers are special.

You will be hearing me say a whole lot more of something soon enough, but in the meantime I wish everyone a happy new year, full of real and true love, family, friends, support and goodness.

PS. If I had to pick one song for the year, this would be it… Corny I know!


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