I’m getting excited but please stop pointing and just talk to me!

Photo by Ann-Marie Calilhanna

Stop Pointing and talk to me!

It’s this time of year I start getting really really excited. You see its only 57 days till Mardi Gras. And the Guide is about to be launched.

Welcome to Mardi Gras 2011. It’s coming… sooner than you think! 57 Days away actually.

If you haven’t already seen this years “slogan” it’s very simple. It’s “Say Something”.

And what a great slogan for Mardi Gras it is. It is all embracing, it’s all about you, and we hope that each and everyone of you “say’s something” over the festival during February. “Say Something” is the brainchild of Kabi. A parade veteran and all round good guy, and I think this year he has nailed it. I’ll leave it to the guide to fill you in on the story on how it can to be.

So, what are you going to say this Mardi Gras? There will be heaps of opportunities to have your say this year, so stay tuned! It’s exciting. I’m excited. Have I said that already?

My biggest challenge was confining what I had to say to the limitations of space in the speech bubble. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a lot to say, But I’m really happy with my “statement”. You can read it in the guide that’s out early next week.

The guide is your summer bible and by the end of season mine is all torn and ratty eared and well worn. I keep them forever too, gentle reminders of fun days in the sun with friends I adore, people I respect, a community brought together and new party pals I have met out and about who sometimes become great friends.

Talking of meeting people… why is it that so many people like to point at other people at events, but not come over and say hi? Yep, I was at the Cruise bar on New Years Day, having heaps of summer fun with my new Co-Chair Pete, and I can see people pointing at us! Do you have something you want to say to us? Come on over, we are both more than happy to stop and chat, have some summer fun and listen to whatever it is you want to say. The only way we get fresh new perspectives is if fresh, new perspectives talk to us! We won’t bite – promise!

We both love meeting people over the course of season, and I especially love going through my phone when all the glitter is packed away for another year, and looking through those spontaneous phone photos, all blurry and out of focus and for some reason more endearing than the professional ones. They capture those Mardi Gras Moments that are unique and just looking at them 12 months on invokes a flood of memories about that time.

Waiting for the Parade to Start

Start Area (the wrong end)

Like the one to the left. This shot was taken from the back of the bike I was being taken on for last year’s parade (thanks Pip!). It was such a fantastic energy at the end of the parade route before it started where all the bikes were that it really was the highlight of the parade for me. So much fun and happiness with the dykes on bikes girls on the night.

So…. what will your photos be lof this year! Time to dig out last years, take a good look, remember the fun and pick up this year’s guide.

With only 57 days to go, that means there is only 8 weeks to go on the party crash diet, get the costumes sorted, organise the float, the friends, and work out your schedule.

Get planning – It’s going to be fabulous.

More later!


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