A Woman Saying Something: Please Let’s Co-Exist!

This year’s Mardi Gras campaign is “Say Something” – inspired to say the least from the creative and talented Kabi.  But what is so special about this campaign is that it enables our communities to actually have a voice and determine the direction of the season this year.

This has always been the goal of Mardi Gras: To allow you to speak, rather than to speak for you. And I believe this year, we deliver on that.

One of the events that has been born from this campaign is Women Say Something. A panel of diverse women talking about issues that matter to them. The themes and questions will be sourced from the community for the community and I’m sure what will happen during the event will be exciting and thought provoking.

On a personal note, I have always wondered why it was so hard to bring our many female communities together in solidarity, and even harder to bring our G’s and T’s and L’s and B’s and Q’s into a non-judgemental environment. Even on parade night and at the party I see many groups of women judge other women. In a community and organisation where we stand for acceptance and equality shouldn’t we be starting with ourselves first?

That’s why I wanted a panel which was as diverse as we could get. So that we could start with the women who have led or continue to lead (whether officially or by profile) the diverse groups that make up our communities. I’m not saying we all need to get on and agree but I do feel we need to learn to co-exist and accept each other. For one week in the year let’s stand together strong, without judgement, with all our initials blazing and keep striving towards the goal which we all agree is our fundamental human right.

A “Gaystream soft butch femme Queer kinky lesbian”

*Women Say Something is being held March 2nd, 6.30 for a 7pm start upstairs and the Colombian hotel. For more information visit www.facebook.com/womansaysomething


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