He had “F.a.g” carved into his back

Today I read* a story from a young man who was brutally scarred and beaten for being gay.

“I had fag cut into my back in three places then fuck here with an arrow pointing to arsehole across my but then held and repeatedly abused with sticks”  (Stuart, 21 years.)

I also read about a father who beat his daughter

“I got 3 broken ribs, a broken collar bone, a punctured lung, my jaw broken in 2 different places and 7 of my teeth got punched out when my father found out i was a homosexual.” (Sian, 19 years)

This is not OK.

Whether you believe in the institution or not, marriage equality remains so important for our community. Why? Because it sends a very clear message to everyone that being gay is OK. Loving who you love is OK. That everyone is equal in their love and the families we create.

As a community we have come a long way in the past 40 years. From a country that criminalised homosexuality and brutally beat offenders in prison, to a country where legislation has us nearly equal.

Marriage Equality is yet another hurdle. We as a community must win this right to truly place us as equal citizens and society members. Imagine a world where people are invited to weddings and the genders of the brides or grooms are irrelevant.

I long for the day that Mardi Gras is irrelevant. The day we do not need to keep marching down Oxford Street to rid our world of discrimination, of harassment, of homophobia, or violence and inequality.

Same-Sex marriage is one of these moments we must all come together to fight for and win.

Australian Marriage Equality is a volunteer run organisation that goes head to head with large structured institutions, many of who have tax deductible status. AME does not. Hardly a fair fight.

AME relies on the generosity of our communities and friends to get our message heard. Through media, through ongoing polling, and through sending spokespeople to Canberra to speak with our elected representatives one on one.

They need our help to keep going. To keep fighting for the world we all want, we all believe in and all need.

We have come so far in our long road to equality and we are nearly there. This is our fight to win. But we can just as easily lose this fight right now.

The combined Hen$ night and Buck$ night  parties this coming friday September 23rd, are fundraisers for this cause. Every person involved in the events are volunteers themselves, from the DJ’s to the Performers, to the producers. The venues are providing the spaces free of charge.

The money raised from these events will specifically go towards Media and polling in the lead up to the National ALP conference in December, where it is hoped that the ALP will endorse the next stages in the road to equality.

And now we are calling on you to help.

Buy a ticket to Hen$ or Buck$ through http://www.daisytickets.com/ they are guaranteed to be fantastic events with activities for everyone on the night.

Even if parties are not your thing you can still help buy buying a ticket and putting “DONATION” under the ticket name. Every dollar raised is a step closer to having our message heard and acted on.

It’s time to come together, not just for the right to marry, but for contributing to a cause that will see us closer to the world where fathers don’t break their daughter’s bones, and people don’t carve Fag into someone’s back for being gay.

I hope to see you there, or your donation in the ticket sales.

* Quotes from Writing Themselves in 3 (WTi3) report


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