Jodie Foster and Toaster Ovens

Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes I remember seeing a Cosmo when I was about 16, where two models (whom I now realise were straight) had their arms entwined with each other. I didn’t understand the reaction that was spurned in me, it was all very confusing, but I do remember keeping those pages of that magazine as “reference” material.

When I was a baby Dyke just coming out at 24, I was hanging out at Kinsela’s with my jaw dropping at DJ Kate Monroe, the sassy blonde American, and not knowing what to do. (Now Kate and I laugh at that, but I remember her being a huge influence in my awakening.)

By my late 20’s Martina was out, Ellen had her “Puppy” episode and everyone was collecting Toaster oven’s. Melissa Etheridge hit the scene, Desert hearts hit the cinema and the Indigo Girls became the new “IT” girls.

Rumour on the street was that Jodie Foster was gay and we all flocked to her movies and looked for information (pre-internet days) on whether she was or wasn’t –  those in the know swore it to be true.

I’m pleased she held true to herself. Here is to another 47 years Jodie. You were seen and heard by me regardless of any official announcement.

Read the article I wrote for SX here. 


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