USE YOUR VOICE this Mardi Gras AGM.

Over the past decade I’ve lost count of the number of times people say Mardi Gras isn’t relevant for them or how it doesn’t represent them. At times the noise has been deafening however here is your chance to have a say in changing that. This AGM is the first chance in three years where you can elect a board with community and volunteer engagement, strategic and cultural shift intention and financial sustainability values. You cannot complain to me, or anyone else, if you do not have a voice in securing this outcome, and having a voice is easy. Join the organisation by this Friday 26th July at 5pm for only $15 and vote. As a member you can then hold YOUR elected board accountable for any decision that they make but more importantly you can have a say in important decisions.

If you can’t attend the AGM assign your proxy to a friend who can, or to one of the candidates who believe in the values above. Their candidate statements are here: – note those who have signed the code of conduct. A code based on respect, equality and fairness, also don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions of candidates as to their behaviors in the past either as volunteers or directors. I also point you to public record of Page 27 of the 2010 Annual Report. YOUR board should hold the utmost integrity.

I will be attending the AGM and I’m happy to hold anyone’s proxy’s and I’m also happy to chat to anyone about the candidates running and my take on how things can change with the right people. There are some fabulous returning directors and some fantastic new ones in the mix. Together we could see the old girl soar!

Please share this message and link and get the word out far and wide, and please consider USING YOUR VOICE by joining the organisation and VOTING at this year’s Mardi Gras AGM.

Membership link here:

Feel free to contact me if you need any information or a hand or just want to have a say.

It’s time to stop saying something and start DOING something.


Photo Credit: Hayden Brotchie.


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