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USE YOUR VOICE this Mardi Gras AGM.

Over the past decade I’ve lost count of the number of times people say Mardi Gras isn’t relevant for them or how it doesn’t represent them. At times the noise has been deafening however here is your chance to have … Continue reading

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Jodie Foster and Toaster Ovens

I remember seeing a Cosmo when I was about 16, where two models (whom I now realise were straight) had their arms entwined with each other. I didn’t understand the reaction that was spurned in me, it was all very … Continue reading

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15 Minutes with Peter Madden

I have thought long and hard about whether I was even going to blog about this. I think the likes of Peter Madden and Bob Katter get too much airtime for their bigotry and discriminative antics as it is. And … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras Logo Schmogo – in or out?.

For years now people have been telling me “that they feel that Mardi Gras does not represent them.” That it is a flawed corporate beast that cares only about parties, tourism dollars and funding and our community was much bigger … Continue reading

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He had “F.a.g” carved into his back

Today I read* a story from a young man who was brutally scarred and beaten for being gay. “I had fag cut into my back in three places then fuck here with an arrow pointing to arsehole across my but … Continue reading

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Why I won’t be speaking at the Mardi Gras AGM tomorrow

It has been said that sacred cows make the best hamburgers. So, If the boards I’ve sat on over the past 3 years have done their job properly, they leave behind a legacy of governance, policy and process that allows … Continue reading

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Farewell, adieu, so long….

Later this week, nominations for Board positions will close at the Mardi Gras office. At 5pm on Friday, when the envelopes are opened, there will not be a nomination from me in the bunch. Last year, around this time, I … Continue reading

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